Why all our products are purely natural.

Many years ago I was complaining to a friend about having skin that was itchy and dry feeling all the time. She explained to me that it could be the soap I was using. She taught me that all natural hand crafted soap would moisturize my skin but never dry it out. She told me how pretty much all mass produced bath products are made with ingredients that dry out your skin. Even products that are specifically meant to moisturize typically include ingredients like:

The list can go on for pages. But, the point is that most products include questionable ingredients. It is true that many of those ingredients, like petrolatum, can be beneficial in the short term. Long term use can lead to problems though, especially for people with sensitivity issues. Visit our blog for a discussion of the benefits of using all natural ingredients instead of chemicals and artificial additives.

our products are scented with pure essential oilsHow it all began

That day, so long ago, my friend gave me a bar of soap to try. It was made with vegetable oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and palm oil. She had made it herself! It had never occurred to me that someone could just whip up a bar of soap in their kitchen. I tried her soap and within just a couple days my skin had stopped itching all the time. I quit using any soap but hers, then she moved out of state and I could no longer stop by and ask for a few bars. So, I started making my own soap and sharing it with friends and neighbors. It didn't take long before I couldn't keep up with the demand from the people I shared it with and Vintage Soap Factory was born.

The difference.

What makes our soap so good is the fact that it's made exclusively with pure and natural ingredients - ingredients that feed and nourish the skin and will never dry it out, no matter how frequently the products are used. We never put anything in our products that didn't come from a plant*. Instead of using a chemical like petrolatum in our moisturizing products, we use pure Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter instead. All our scents are created exclusively from essential oils which will brighten and enliven your day. Because our products are purely vegetarian in nature, they are sustainable.

you'll love our handcrafted soapsTry our stuff

I guarantee you will love our products. You will recognize the difference with the very first use. If you give us a chance to prove it, then I recommend you bookmark our site because you'll be back for more!


*Soap requires the use of Sodium Hydroxide. It causes a reaction that turns the liquid oils into a solid form and gives the oils a detergent property. The reaction breaks down the sodium hydroxide and none is left in the finished product. In the old days, soap was made by combining animal fats with ash - I know, yuck!